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Susanne Hikel

Susanne Hikel


United States



Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Anxiety, Betrayal, Disassosiation, Fear, Connecting With Your Heart, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Purpose, Anger, Relationships, Sexual Trauma

Price Per Session:

See www.completionprocesslifecoaching.com.

Booking Information

To Book: www.completionprocesslifecoaching.com
Package deals available!
30 minute free consultation

About Me:

I am 62 years young and excited about life! It wasn't always this way. Since discovering this technique, I truly am not the same woman I was 5 years ago! The trajectory of my life path and spiritual and emotional growth has evolved in a way I could never have imagined and I feel like I am becoming younger!

I've always had a knowing that humans have the power to heal themselves. When a loved one became chronically sick, this awakened in me my passion for healing and wellness. AS I researched organic solutions for their illness, I inadvertently discovered my life path as a healing facilitator. I completed many courses in various forms of energy medicine and learned that we have always had the answers to help ourselves if we listen to our intuition and are open to new ways!

I came to a major awakening and crossroads as a healer, when I sensed one day in a client, her problem was emotional at it's core. This left me feeling frustrated and helpless. I started to research and found Teal Swan. Her story of being a victim of childhood abuse of all the worst kinds and how she healed herself from deep complicated trauma really intrigued me. Here was a woman who was helping the world as living proof it worked!
Having worked in a women's crisis center, I understood trauma and was elated beyond words when I heard Teal would be offering trainings in the Completion Process in the near future. I signed up and was accepted in her first class!

Since 2015, I have facilitated hundreds of clients and have witnessed many lives transform in a positive way. This is a powerful process of renewal and self-awareness with each session.

I truly believe we are meant to thrive in life and suffering is not something we need to accept. Living for years in stuck negative emotions is not truly living but surviving. And feeling helpless to your emotions, unable to move forward, is like a "ground hogs day" nightmare that can be shifted.

Science has shown that the major part of our thoughts are subconscious. Negative beliefs born out traumatic or negative experiences are usually what drives our thoughts and behaviors and thus our life experiences.
If we can uncover the negative thoughts and beliefs and uncreate that moment in time where we got stuck in those emotions and fears...our cellular memory can be changed and we can be free of the past.

I truly love seeing the light-bulbs of illumination go off as my clients realize after their sessions that they have the inner strength to love themselves, comfort themselves and manage their inner world of thoughts and emotions after our sessions. I teach you how to do this within the journey! It's really an exercise of being in the moment and being more deeply aware of what you are feeling. You CAN be in the driver's seat of your emotions and life!

What can you expect from a Session with me?
2 hours of unconditional presence and facilitation to your inner world of emotions. We shall reconnect to your joy. You will reconnect with your creative, playful child self that you thought you lost but was there all the time waiting for you to show up. Or we can meet a protective part that needs your appreciation and gratitude. I guide you on how to be present for not only an aspect you disowned (because emotions were too painful to feel) but also we will re-connect with your own inner healer and super-conscious self that is a ready and willing to be your guide. We shall first meet before our session for 30 minutes to discuss what you are looking for and most need right now and if this process if for you at this time.
Book a FREE 30 minute exploratory session at www.completionprocesslifecoaching.com to see if this process is right for you!
(I utilize skype or Zoom or even phone if in US)

If you seek true change, this is it! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Booking Information: