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Abandonment, Abundance, Self Acceptance, Addictions, Anxiety, Burnout, Fatigue, Work Addiction, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm, Core Negative Imprint, Creativity, Play, Connection, Isolation, Intimacy, Depression, Denial, Disassosiation, Dissapointment, Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Eating Disorders, Gaslighting, Endurism, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Existential Crisis, Fear, Family Crisis, Safety, General Practice, Grief, Chronic Illness, Health Issues, Connecting With Your Heart, Inner Void, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Physical Abuse, Powerlessness, PTSD, Purpose, Anger, Relationships, Sexual Trauma, Self Love, Confidence, Separation, Sensitivity, Shame, Social Anxiety

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I would love to support your healing journey. Read more about what I do here:

About Me:

Hi, I’m Natasha.

I am a:

* Medical Medium
* Channel
* Energy Worker
* Transpersonal Psychotherapist
* Plant Medicine Guide
* EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

As well as being qualified in a range of healing modalities, I am clairsentient. So during sessions I will be acutely attuned to you and able to assist energetically as well as emotionally.

Why have a session with me?
I am 100% dedicated to carving out the space internally that is required for facilitating this work. I am aware that i'm not the one "doing" anything. Before sessions I surrender everything I think I know, then drop into a deep space of presence and awareness and let source work through me.
I will never analyze, take notes, put you in a box or tell you what to do. It's my job to support you to move through all the blocks in the way of accessing your essence, your own divinity - that place within you that is perfect, whole and complete already.

I offer processing sessions and distance healing/clearing sessions depending on your needs.

I have been on my journey of awakening for 20 years and have helped thousands of people achieve deep healing and rapid transformation.

Qualifications - Bachelor of Science (Psychology) - USQ

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting - EFTMRA

Completion Process Certified Practitioner - Teal Swan

Reconnective Healing - Dr Eric Pearl

Energy healing- have practised Reiki for 18years, Reconnection healing for 13yrs

Shamanic Training (from 2003) with Medicine Crow

I am the creator/owner of Mindful Schools Australia ( an organization that is making mindfulness and meditation part of the school curriculum in Australia. - I facilitate transformational spiritual retreats and circles for women.

I absolutely love this work, it is my passion and purpose on this planet.

I have helped women and men with issues such as weight loss (I have been on my own journey and lost over 90kgs), anxiety, depression, confidence issues, soul purpose, business, relationship issues, physical ailments and everything in between.

You can find me on Facebook and read other reviews here:

I facilitate 100% of sessions online. When you book you'll automatically receive a Zoom link. If you'd prefer another video service - Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger etc just email me with your details so I can connect with you there instead. I also perform distance healing sessions as requested, just email.

I do Parts Work too, you can read about a recent experience I had channeling someones internal part here:

You can read/watch testimonials here:

I look forward to being of service to you on your healing journey.


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