Calee Tse


English, Yue (Cantonese), Dutch


Abandonment, Ancestral Trauma, Boundaries Codependency, Play, Gaslighting, Existential Crisis, Family Crisis, Purpose, Self Love

Price Per Session:

135 euro

Booking Information

I offer 30 minutes free consulting for you to ask any questions and to get to a ' feel' for each other. I have sessions via skype/ zoom or we can meet face to face in my practice.

Feel free to contact me via email: Please mention your time zone so I can send you time options that are appropriate.

About Me:

As a CPCP practitioner and emotional coach, I create a protective space to allow you to be seen, heard and felt with softness and care. I guide you in a safe and secure way to your emotions and your subconscious. I see through patrons quickly and I have strong intuitive abilities.

A bit about me. I grew up in a strict and abusive home with a high expectation for perfection. As a little girl I was escape-goated, isolated and emotional neglected. In order to survive I learned to ignore my own inner voice, my body and I was afraid to feel happiness.

In relationships I coped by being overly independent and pleasing others; that is disorganized attachment. The world and relationships felt unsafe. I could not trust outside support neither could I trust myself. I was caught up in the corporate rat race, feeling chronically anger, fatigue, depressed and overwhelmed.

Then my daughter was born and I could no longer deny my worst possible fears and pains. She gave me fuel to dive deep into my shadows and negative patterns, because I felt very clearly that I didn’t want to pass on my trauma’s to her. With a lot of help from Teal and other modalities (such as childhood development, coaching, somatic experiencing), I have overcome my depression and burn out.

Looking back it was the most empowering journey as I picked up many tools, gained so much wisdom and my intuitive abilities became very clear. Now I am more aligned and happier than ever. I learned to allow myself to feel what I feel. I came to understand myself better and loving the way I truly am. I have safe relationships ( fuck yeah!)

I believe every human deserves support with doing the inner work. Please dont do it alone! It’s the best gift you can give yourself, your ( future) kids and the world.


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