Lianne Nieuwland


English, Dutch


Creativity, Depression, Health Issues, Connecting With Your Heart, Purpose, Relationships, Self Love, Sensitivity

Price Per Session:

€ 125,-

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I work through online video calls, in person in my home or in your own home

About Me:

Do you want to feel good, to be energetic and to do things that you love, but it just doesn't seem to happen for you? You keep struggling, you keep falling into patterns that you don't want..
You probably know that, when you are out of alignment for a long time, you will get out of touch with your core. You may feel depressed at times, or you don't know what you want in life, or you might develop physical symptoms like fatigue, stress, anxiety, inflammations, body pain, mental problems.. Or any other dis-ease. These diseases are warning signs to let you know that you are out of alignment with who you are deep inside.
Good thing is: your emotional, mental and energetic system always wants to heal. Always tries to heal and always shows us our way to heal. It really wants to bring you back to who you really are! Right back into alignment with your core. And your body has incredible intelligence and really wants to carry you through life, feeling light, energetic and free.
I consider the Completion Process to be an amazingly effective method to tap into the intelligence of your own system. It shows you your way back to your core. This process also has the capacity to reveal your hidden (spiritual) talents, to replenish you with energy that was always ment for your use and to inspire you to take actions effortlessly, because they are in alignment with yourSelf.
Teal wrote in my Completion Process book "You are ment to show people their potential, without holding them accountable for it". For a long time, I did not quite understand this message. But now, after being a practitioner for about 3,5 years (since okt 2016), I realise that this is exactly what often happens during sessions. People get back in touch with their inner knowing, their hidden talents and their joy..
It is my greatest joy to experience an ever deepening reconnection to our inner Selves together.
Besides the Completion Process, I also love
- Parts Work (voices dialogue)
- Channeling parts (channeling inner children or any other part of you that you need to experience)
- Family Constellation Work
- Truth Resonance (related to kinesiology: to physically feel your yes/no responses to literally anything, your boundaries, your core beliefs and more)
- An energetic method that untangles your (family)karma. It addresses and resolves energies that you carry from past incarnations, from your family lines and from the environment you grew up in.
I work very intuitively and use my empathic and extrasensory abilities to guide you to a place where you can feel and use your own guidance system more. This is very powerful. Because when you follow your inner guidance, you can break through barrier after barrier. You can take step after step back to your core, that holds your true potential.
For a free 'get to know me' talk (30 mins) mail me at . For Dutch speaking people, go to
I look forward to meeting with you!


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