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Anissa Matthews

Anissa Matthews

United States



Ancestral Trauma, Anxiety, Play, Depression, Disassosiation, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, General Practice, Grief, LGBTQ, Sensitivity

Price Per Session:

$150 per session. $400 for three sessions

Booking Information

Please contact me via e-mail anissa@anissamatthews.com or my website www.anissamatthews.com

About Me:

I am an Intuitive healer, Life empowerment Coach and a CP practitioner, all mixed together. I've been doing this work since 2016.
What I do best is hold a loving presence for anything and everything that comes up for you. I see you. I see your light. Even if the darkness has hidden it from you, I still see it.
Together we’ll rescue the lost children and breathe life back into them, so that you can create a life of passion and purpose. I’m so glad that you’re on this planet with me!

Booking Information: