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Devyn Lish

Devyn Lish



United States



Abundance, Self Acceptance, Anxiety, Betrayal, Creativity, Connection, Intimacy, Depression, Dissapointment, Divine Feminine, Endurism, Fear, Safety, General Practice, Grief, Connecting With Your Heart, Insecurity, LGBTQ, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Powerlessness, Relationships, Self Love, Confidence, Shame, Social Anxiety

Price Per Session:

I offer a sliding scale--email me for rates!

Booking Information

I offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions, packages, and discounts for new clients.

If you'd like to book a session or a free consultation, email me at devynlish.cp@gmail.com

About Me:

Hello! I'm Devyn.

I have been facilitating the Completion Process for almost 4 years now, and it has been beautiful and challenging and vulnerable and deeply fulfilling. I have worked with people of all backgrounds from ages as young as 11, to teenagers, to grandparents. I approach all of my sessions with an open heart and a genuine desire to see, hear, and feel into whoever is sitting in front of me. I believe that softness, compassion, validation, and unconditional presence are the foundation of any healing modality; I use these energies to create a safe container in which the shadow work process can unfold gently and organically.

I believe whole-heartedly in the healing power of the Completion Process, as I have experienced incredible shifts in my life since making it a regular practice. Committing to this work has given me the courage to leave behind jobs and relationships that were no longer serving me, and helped me line up with people, places, and opportunities that are much more in alignment with my authentic truth.

I currently live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, surrounded by a community of Completion Process practitioners, so you can rest assured that I live and breathe this work. Having the support of others who know and understand the shadow work process makes it so that I can provide you with an even stronger, more powerful container for deep and lasting healing.

In addition to the Completion Process, I am available to facilitate parts work, do the Connection Process, or simply bear witness to any venting or frustration that needs to be expressed. It is my absolute privilege to provide you with authentic connection as we care take your most hidden, painful, and traumatic feelings.

I would like to finish this by expressing how thankful I am for you, regardless of whether we work together or not. I have the utmost appreciation and respect for those that are doing the deep inner work. This stuff is not easy but it is so, so worth it. Your healing is my healing is humanity's healing and you deserve to be celebrated for taking this step.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions---and check out my website for more information or check out my collage artwork!


Booking Information: