Melissa Soriano

Far Rockaway, NY

United States

Spanish, English


Anxiety, CPTSD, Depression, Disassosiation, Fear, General Practice, Grief, PTSD

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About Me:

I believe in this work, and I know how completely life changing this process can be.

The Completion Process taught me that you don’t have to be powerless to your life circumstances. I can help you reconnect with your power of choice, your power of creation, and your sense of personal empowerment, so that you can take back control of your life.

As a practitioner, I possess a high degree of attunement, and an ability to recognize and work with dissociation patterns and avoidance patterns when they come up, so we can get to the heart of the issue and resolve it swiftly.

I will also provide a safe atmosphere of unconditional acceptance, so your transformational process can occur.

I especially love empowering the inner child to have a voice, and I’m skilled at helping you allow your inner child’s unique needs and expression to be heard!

I want to help you have a breakthrough, and I am invested in making sure that you get the results you want out of this process.

Allow me to empower you, and gently urge you to see the choices you have. Together, we can create new possibilities for your life that you previously may not have thought possible.

Booking Information:


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