Yasin Choudry

Salt Lake City

United States



Addictions, Anxiety, Betrayal, Burnout, Depression, Social Anxiety

Price Per Session:

$250 (negotiable) for a 60 minute Zoom call session

Booking Information

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions anytime at: mail@yasinchoudry.com

About Me:


I am a psychiatry survivor myself and fully aware of how the modern mental health system damages people. In my teens, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder. The diagnosis was later changed many times, eventually becoming labeled Complex PTSD.

I always knew there had to be a better way to really heal and dedicated my life to figuring that out. I have explored many inward paths that are known to mankind that have to do with healing and restoring the mind, and the Completion Process has consistently proven to work.

I’ve also experienced narcissistic abuse and trauma, and through healing this in myself, gained a better understanding of how to work with these patterns. As a medical doctor, I’m also experienced in working with clients on medications and are currently not finding improvement in the modern mental health system and are seeking real help and change.

I’m a triple-boarded clinical psychiatrist and have been taking mental health patients since 2001.

I’ve got experience working with patients working in community mental health, the prison system, rehab centers, and out-patient facilities. I am now seeing clients online via Zoom all over the globe.


My ideal clients are seeking to be facilitated for the first time, and also would like to be a part of a study group with the Completion Process.

I specialize in working with others that are struggling with the modern mental health system, and can assist even if one is on psychiatric medications (but I will not prescribe them to you).

In addition to my specialties listed, I’m also an expert in taking clients that experience a mild to moderate level of depression, especially if that depression seems to have come out of the blue or there’s a lack of understanding about why the depression has surfaced.


We will review whatever it is one is struggling with in life; identifying what’s not working or optimal, and what’s preventing one from moving forward and being creative and happy with life.

Once we identify these areas, we’ll decide together on areas to work on and then enter a Completion Process based on that. In a future visit, we will process what that session meant for you and your life, and how to connect the dots based on what came up in the session. We will also discuss how to integrate the experience into something that makes sense on how to make the most out of the awareness and shifts that occurred in the session, and how to incorporate it into your life.


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