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United States

English, German, Dutch


Abandonment, Addictions, Betrayal, Burnout, Fatigue, Workaholism, Work Addiction, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm, Depression, Denial, Eating Disorders, Gaslighting, Fear, Family Crisis, Safety, Alcoholic Family, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Relationships, Confidence

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or send me a text on 850 5913386

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I have been growing up in a spiritual family who has a business organizing congresses and bringing out a newspaper over this matter.
Growing up with these influences- I have been surrounded by many different people, practicing their spirituality in so many different ways.

Yet I had to first totally resist in in my puberty and follow the path of a true rebel.
Alcohol, drugs, men and freedom were the things that I was after for a very long time. So long until I have nearly ruined myself by falling into deep depressions and toxic relationships.
Ironically at the same time I chose my profession to be a social worker, working with criminal teen's first and later prisoners in closed settings. I have worked mainly with addictions and the so called personality disorders like borderline, depression, narcissism and schizophrenia.

Later I have had my own little children nursery, where I had the luck to take care of small children from 0-3. Working with the parents has become one of my favorite skills.

When I was at a point where I literally physically couldn't go on with my self abusive behavior, I have finally found my way back into spirituality again and after growing up with it I had a pretty broad view and a good sense which way would be the best for me.
I have been following and joining trainings of a spiritual teacher in Switzerland and my life has changed 100%. He is the one that has lead me to Teal and with her help I have been able to go so much deeper and transform more and more into my true authentic self

If you book a completion process session with me it is possible to do it in person (preferred) or via skype.

I want you to know that we will take as much time as we need , so that there wont be any pressure. Usually a session takes about 1.5 h but it would be good to make sure that you have enough time , not only for the session but also to relax afterwards and let the experience integrate

Sometimes I suggest partswork as an extra tool to use. It has proven to be very beneficial to CP.


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