Gloria Cotruta


United Arab Emirates

English, Portuguese


Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Anxiety, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm, Core Negative Imprint, Creativity, Connection, Isolation, Intimacy, Depression, Denial, Disassosiation, Dissapointment, Gaslighting, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Powerlessness, Relationships, Self Love, Separation, Sensitivity, Shame

Price Per Session:

150$ or 500aed per session

Booking Information


Whatsapp: +971 586060553

15 min free consultation to make sure that I’m the right person to help you

About Me:

Hello and welcome!

My name is Gloria and untill a few years ago I would swear that my childhood was perfect (I was good at denial).

Until I realized that I was absolutly unable to have relationships I was isolated and I had to face the fact that something was wrong.

My whole childhood was chaotic. Dealing with abandoment, moving from house to house, emotional neglect and suicidal parents.

I was a parentified child. Having to be extremely attuned to take care of other people to feel safe in an unsafe environment. Now I can gladly use this tool as a gift to make people feel seen, heard and understood.

You are not alone and if you would like to get help in your healing process we can do it together.

The sessions usually last for 60 to 120min however they are not time limited and it can last for as long as needed until we find resolution.


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