Vera Bek

Dallas, Texas

United States

English, Russian


Abandonment, Self Acceptance, Boundaries Codependency, Divine Feminine, Gaslighting, Alcoholic Family, Physical Abuse, Sensitivity

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100$ per session (maximum 3 hours) Free 15 minutes discovery call

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About Me:

After years of running from myself, to the extent of running to a different continent, I had to accept the truth that everywhere you go you take yourself with you. That realization was still not enough to force me to look within. It wasn`t until I reached the point of being backed into a corner with no option but to face the internal void that felt like a black hole with so much gravitational force. The minute I found out about Completion Process training I wanted to become certified. The Completion Process is the hope for all of us to create the life we want, by reversing the countless trauma imprints that cause us to suffer so much in our lives. I`m here with you, to celebrate your bravery for taking steps to transform your life, and to help you stop running from your pain because running is utterly painful. With compassion and empathy I welcome your connection if you feel we are a good match.

Booking Information:


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