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Clara Sherman

Clara Sherman


United States



Burnout, Fatigue, Isolation, Dissapointment, Endurism, Grief, Connecting With Your Heart, Inner Void, Powerlessness, Separation, Shame

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Please email me at contact@mymoonflower.com or go to www.mymoonflower.com/book-online to schedule your consultation.

About Me:

My specialty is healing wounds of neglect. If you look at your childhood, and nothing went horribly wrong; yet, you feel miserable most of the time, you might be carrying the emotional scars of neglect. Neglect is what was not there: the people who weren't around, the love that wasn't given, and the presence that wasn't offered. Because of this inherent lack of another's presence, having someone guide you through this process can be a profoundly healing experience. If you are looking for this, I may be the practitioner for you.

My journey with the Completion Process began in 2016, and I was certified as a facilitator in 2018. The Completion Process has changed my life in unimaginable ways, and it excites me to share it. Guiding others through the process is sacred, and I am honored each time the opportunity arises. If you have any questions for me or are interested in setting up a consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Much Love.

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