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Lesa Spravka

Lesa Spravka

United States



Self Love

Price Per Session:

$111 for 90 minutes

Booking Information

I currently only do phone sessions. It’s mostly because I get uncomfortable having to stay in one position and I don’t want to incite distraction with my movement. And I feel it also makes both me and the client more mindful of our expressions. However, I’m happy to do a 15-minute video call for the initial get-to-know-each-other chat if you’d like.

My rate is $111 per 90 minutes. To book a session send me a message in email at lesaspravka@gmail.com. I look forward to assisting you in your healing process.

About Me:

Hi, I’m a 58 year old female who lives a nomadic lifestyle. I’d prefer a more stationary life so I’m working on creating that. I’m a licensed therapist that works with individuals that are willing to feel their emotions. I believe we have no access to our free will if we don't know how we feel about anything. I had what I would call a “spiritual” experience that made it clear to me how important feeling and expressing our emotions is. This experience built the belief in me that real healing cannot take place without lovingly allowing our emotions. This has a lot to do with why I love The Completion Process. It uses your feelings as the tether to lost aspects of yourself that can then be retrieved to achieve more wholeness in your being. If you have trouble feeling your feelings but are willing to learn, I may be helpful to your healing process.

I have a “pioneer” life purpose energy so I’ve tried a number of different healing modalities for my own healing. This includes talk therapy, group therapy, somatic therapy, hakomi therapy, the completion process, bioenergetic therapy, dance therapy, art therapy, family constellations, parts work, active listening, breath work, yoga and kambo, ayahuasca, pilosiban, mdma, cannabis, hape, peyote and sweat lodge ceremonies. I have training in talk therapy, the completion process, hakomi therapy and yoga instruction. I weave elements of these modalities throughout sessions depending on what works best for each individual client. A large part of my approach is to be present and reflective for what’s coming up for you. I like this method because I believe and have witnessed that you will find your own next steps if you can be fully and truly heard.

Booking Information: