Rita Schichtel


United States



Self Acceptance, Ancestral Trauma, Betrayal, Boundaries Codependency, Creativity, Connection, Depression, Gaslighting, Parts Work, Relationships, Sensitivity, Social Anxiety

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Free one-time 20 minute video consultation before we begin to process together
Completion Process, Connection Process, Parts Work

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You deserve support and connection while you heal. You deserve to be seen and heard, and your pain deserves a witness.

Rita Schichtel knows that supporting emotional wellness is her purpose.
Being raised as a parentified child meant that she always took on the role of emotional support person as her default personality.
Becoming a Completion Process Certified Practitioner has allowed Rita to bring awareness and joy around this personality aspect that existed out of painful necessity.

Practicing the Completion Process, Parts Work and the Connection Process is part of Rita’s daily life. She continues to experience each technique bring her more healing and understanding—especially in seeing interactions with others as indicative of her own internal relationships.

Rita works through the humanitarian foundation, Midland Blueprint. Sessions purchased with her are tax deductible charitable donations.

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