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Abandonment, Abundance, Self Acceptance, Anxiety, Betrayal, Burnout, Fatigue, Work Addiction, Boundaries Codependency, Narcisissm, Core Negative Imprint, CPTSD, Creativity, Play, Connection, Isolation, Intimacy, Denial, Disassosiation, Dissapointment, Eating Disorders, Gaslighting, Neglect Feeling and Expressing Emotions, Fear, Safety, General Practice, Grief, Chronic Illness, Health Issues, Connecting With Your Heart, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Parts Work, Perfectionism, Physical Abuse, Powerlessness, PTSD, Purpose, Anger, Relationships, Sexual Trauma, Self Love, Confidence, Separation, Sensitivity, Shame, Social Anxiety

Price Per Session:

1,5 hour for €125,- 2 hours for €150,- and 3 hours for €225 (Incl tax) |

Booking Information


*In these sessions, there is enough time to go deep into your emotions, work with inner children/ parts and do soul retrieval
*Processes will include The Completion Process, Voice Dialogue/Parts Work, and Somatic Experience - Quantum Healing-based techniques
*We can discover your belief systems and/or the dominant parts that are holding you back
*Identifying patterns and connecting the dots
*General coaching, constructive teaching techniques, and homework
Packages 1,5-hour sessions:
6-session package: €720,- equivalent to €120 each session
9-session package: €1035,- equivalent to €115 each session
15-session package: €1650,- equivalent to €110 each session
Packages 2-hour sessions:
6-session package: €870,- equivalent to €145 each session
9-session package: €1260,- equivalent to €140 each session
15-session package: €1950,- equivalent to €130 each session
Packages 3-hour sessions:
6-session package: €1320,- equivalent to €220 each session
9-session package: €1890,- equivalent to €210 each session
15-session package: €3000- equivalent to €200 each session

If you like a free discovery call or like to book a session, contact me at:

About Me:

I have been helping people since 2012. At first I was just sharing the knowledge that had helped me so much from all the self-help books that I had read, and from the therapy that I had received. Following my depression at the age of 18 from the dysfunctional family environment I had grown up in, I had learnt a lot and I felt compelled to help others with this information.
Then I discovered Teal Swan and through her teachings came to a much deeper understanding of emotions, which not only helped me go further in my own healing journey, but also ignited a passion in me to share her methods in combination with my own knowledge and innate abilities
The Completion Process helps you to reconnect with parts of you that have been fractured away from your core. By reintegrating these aspects you will begin to regain your true self and find yourself inspired to create a better life, one that you truly want.
I am very gentle with my clients. I am naturally a calm person with a soft voice and I make sure that they feel safe with me from the very first session. I am an empath and have extrasensory abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognition and precognition), so I’m able to quickly attune and gain insight into how I can support you.
Emotions are not our enemy but getting overwhelmed by them and not having a way to process them can be very painful. I help people to feel their full spectrum of emotions so that they can name them, differentiate between them and process them in a loving and healthy way, with compassion and understanding, so that they can ultimately integrate them.
In 2019 in my training Teal wrote in my book ‘You are a brilliant ‘chess player’ I didn’t quite get what she meant at the time (she was always a few moves ahead of me!), but I have now realised that she means that I change a session as I go, altering the flow in tune with whatever the client needs in that moment.
I believe that a session should be as long as is needed to get the very best results so that you are able to come out of inner child work or soul retrieval gentle and unrushed.
For that reason, I offer standard 2-hour long sessions but offer 'custom-made' packages. This way the people I work with are often able to go much deeper, back to their earliest memories.
I am always seeking for those ‘missing experiences’ – the things that we needed as a child but did not get – and use my intuition and extrasensory abilities to help find those vital lost components from their early years, and to gently reintegrate them.
I give a free discovery call. In these 30-40min, you can get a feel for who I am, how I work, and for you to see whether you feel safe with me, which is very important.
I also use parts work/ Voice Dialogue, Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT), Somatic Experience - Quantum Healing-based techniques general coaching, and something I like to call ‘body mapping’ during my sessions in order to help my clients more fully on their healing journey.
Lastly I like to say,
The step you just took coming to this page is a brave one! It takes courage to admit to yourself that your life isn’t everything you had hoped it would be and that you would like to be guided and supported by someone. The good news is that you have already begun your healing journey by realising that you want help, guidance and support in changing this. I really hope to hear from you to start this new chapter in your life together!

Sending love,
Sharon Johanna


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