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Chico, CA

United States



Self Acceptance, Burnout, Fatigue, Workaholism, Work Addiction, Connection, Isolation, Gaslighting, Safety, General Practice, Chronic Illness, Health Issues, Powerlessness, Sensitivity

Price Per Session:

$120 USD / 2 hour session

Booking Information

Website: https://www.emilyslovelylife.com/

About Me:

As someone who has personally walked the path of healing from terminal/chronic illness, I take a special interest in this particular area. I truly believe that to heal we must take a holistic approach- mind, body, emotions. I've watched (and continue to witness) The Completion process radically transform both my life and the lives of those I work with. Trauma effects us across all aspects of our being, including our physical body. I have yet to meet an individual with severe illness that didn't have an element of trauma related to it. When we release these wounds at the root, healing becomes so much easier and faster.

I know deeply how overwhelming, terrifying, confusing, and isolating illness can be. It is also my belief that while so many different factors cause us to develop dis-ease, when focus and intention is shifted from sickness to supporting wellness, everything changes!

It would be my pleasure to support you in thriving!

Booking Information: