Journeying with Nekiyah allowed me to explore my inner self. I felt supported by her calming words and cared for by her attentiveness and lack of judgement. I was able to delve into my subconscious, and what I was guided to find was love. What felt scary and dark, Nekiyah saw as beauty and this helped me explore my inner self, without fear. She asked questions that I would not have thought to consider, which allowed me to deepen my understanding of what I was seeing. For example, I saw myself in a cocoon and she asked me what colours I could see and what the texture of the cocoon was, offering me adjectives and options so I could continue to explore while also discussing what I was finding. While journeying, I entered a trance-like state, where Nekiyah talks and asks you to talk as well. This helped me to not feel alone, and allowed her to guide me and to constantly grasp my comfort level throughout. I left the session feeling like I had connected to a part of my subconscious; a time in my life where I had previously felt alone, now felt filled with love, light and warmth. Nekiyah is attentive, available and kind.