My life would not be the same without my kids, Teal Swan, and Mandy Jay.

This quote reminds me of you, Mandy.
I want to brag on you and recommend you to everyone in this group.

If it wasn’t for these people I would not be where I am today. The amount of healing I’ve done in the past two years with Mandy using Teals healing process has transformed me.
Mandy is incredibly good at holding space for you, she does the work, and you can tell. She’s a huge part in re parenting myself and I am so thankful for her. One of the most loving human beings I’ve ever met. I admire her vulnerability and ability to give and receive love.
You want someone like her assisting you through your healing process.

So if you’ve been thinking about or looking for someone to assist in your healing process, I highly, highly recommend her.