I really felt like I could share anything with him without having to fear being judged by him. I could show myself completely for all my parts that are inside me and for the first time didn't feel shame towards them. Even though I dived into my deepest shadows and traumas I felt safe at every step with him.
He gave me very important impulses which helped me to dive even deeper into my fears – without giving me the feeling of being pushed into something.
Everything flower really beautifully!

In my session with Arden I understood that I had certain needs I wasn't allowing myself to meet. It felt so free to let myself own them!
Now I get to integrate this into my day-to-day life which of course is challenging.

Even after our session, Arden was there for me when I needed assistance.
I finally feel like a huge stone started rolling!

I never met such an honest, open, and loving person – I felt at home with him in such a short time.

I can recommend anyone who has the feeling that their suppressing parts of themselves to have a session with Arden. The process is definitely not easy, but if you are ready to do the work you might be able to really

I am so grateful for Arden and the work he does and truly believe that so many people can really benefit from working with him! ❤️